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Because everyone needs results and I won't waste your time or budget.

Picture this: Someone at your company has decided that you need more business. Maybe more and more people are going to your competitor's blog, or commenting on your lack of one. Maybe you haven't updated your website in five years or your last social media posting is from last year. 


Put simply, you are not reaching your full potential. 


You need an extra, low-budget marketing boost. A blog, new flyers, a short video...whatever it takes to get those results and sales that you've been wanting and need. 


That's why you should hire me.  

provide quality content and strategic marketing at an affordable cost.


Contact me today!


I’ve written and created


  • Company strategies

  • Marketing strategies

  • Retention strategies 

  • Company processes

  • Advertising and awareness campaigns 

  • Blogs

  • Website content

  • Specific SEO content for search engines

  • How-to guides

  • Flyer and promo copy

  • Social media postings and ads

  • Video scripts


All with one intent: To drive traffic and revenue.

One company blog I managed saw an increase of 100% in their organic traffic. I've written up 5 websites and counting. I've optimized and edited over 100 previously written blogs for SEO. I'm a contributing blog writer, a valued team member, and more. 

In many cases, I turn around and distribute the content I've just created to the target markets. Supervisors and clients have consistently requested one or no revisions of my work--with very good reason. I’ve done it in real time, I’m a self-starter, just like you, and I will be there every step of the way for you

And let the results come in.


For examples of my work and testimonials, you can check out my portfolio and blog. If you would like to see specific examples, please contact me directly.


Let me help you by creating results.


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